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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you guarantee the quality of your product?

- All of our products are manufactured under GMP condition according to Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). Also, HPLC test report for each bulk of powder and other product can be provided, sign in our website to take a look at it.

2. Do you offer any discount for bulk buyer or distributor?

- For raw powder, order over 5 kilo we provide wholesale price.

-For HGH, order over 20 kits we provide wholesale price.

- For finished oil, order amount over 200 vials we provide wholesale price.

3. What payment method you accept?

-We accept West union/Moneygram/Bank transfer /bitcoin

Note: CIM is also acceptable for regualr customers.

4. What is the delivery time and your shipping method?

-The delivery time can be vary from country to country. For more details, please feel free to contact us.


5. Does your company provide any reship policy?

-The answer is yes. We do provide reship for free if seizure letter is received but this happens so rare as we provide discreet shipping.

If your order has been seized by customs and you receive letter from authority then your order will be resend for free.

6. Do you have minimum order or free samples?

-We have no minimum order. Welcome to test the quality of our product and safety of our shipping with a small trial order first.

-We do provide other product as free sample when your order reach a certain quantity .

7. Do you have international and domestic price if purchase from your warehouse?

-We have set warehouse in US, UK, France, Australia, Canada. And we only set stock in our US warehouse. Other warehouse are only for transshipment. To give our customers a more competitive price, we offer international and domestic price.

8. What's in your US warehouse?

-Steroid raw powder, HGH, HCG, IGF1-LR3, SARMS, tablets. Domestic  injectable lines will be open soon.

9. Is signature required to sign my package and do you ship to PO box?

-That will depend on your local post office, some packages requires signature in some places while others do not.

-Yes, we ship to PO box.

10. Can you help me with my cycle?

-What we can offer is only some advice, you have to adjust it according to your physical condition. Our opinions can be made as a reference.

11. Have all of your products been displayed on the website?

-Not all our product are listed on our website, there are also some product not frequently asked or sold so we didn’t list it. If you can’t find what you want on our website, contact our sales rep and let them check for you.

12. Is there any difference between HGH 10iu Blue tops and Gold tops?

-It really doesn’t matter which color of tops it is.The factory can make any tops as you like.But it won’t change the quality of the goods. Blue tops and Gold tops are with the same high quality. And we can do customize for you.

13. Will you provide tracking information for international package?

-Yes, tracking No. can be provided once your package has been sent out. Normally it will take 2 days from our factory to the international transport company before tracking No. can be provided.

14. How can I find more information about your company? Are you a sponsor on some forum?

-We are sponsoring on the Professional Muscle Forum.The link attached below.If you need more details and information,Please have a check there.

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